Marketing Funnels: Everything You Need to Know

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Keyword Mapping. A Practical Guide for the Curious

Keyword mapping is popularly defined as assigning keywords to pages. But what you really need to sol ...View More

Mastering Website Navigation: The Ultimate Guide

First, it affects your user experience—helping users find what they want will result in more convers ...View More

What Are the Benefits of SEO? (And How to Get Started)

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The Current State of Google PageRank & How It Evolved

PageRank was created by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1997 when they were at Stan ...View More

How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique (And Get Results)

With over 10,000 backlinks since the post was published, it’s fair to say that the Skyscraper Techni ...View More

Google’s Featured Snippets: All You Need to Know to Get Them

Featured snippets are a special type of search result showing a quick answer to the search query at  ...View More

How to Use WordPress in 9 Simple Steps (Beginner’s Guide)

It’s free to use and includes all the features any website owner could need. And if it doesn’t have  ...View More

E-commerce Blogging: 7 Steps to Grow Your Traffic & Sales

If you own an e-commerce website and want to learn how to utilize blogging to grow your brand and in ...View More

9 Common Technical SEO Issues That Actually Matter

If you’d like to follow along, get Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console (both are free)  ...View More

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