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New updates to the Search Console Video indexing report

Last July we launched a new report in Search Console to help you understand the performance o ...View More

Thanks, 2022

You know what time it is: year in a review. With only a few days left of 2022 and with all th ...View More

Search Central Live 2022 Highlights

We spent the past few weeks busy hosting events in Singapore and Tel Aviv. In this post w ...View More

Our latest update to the quality rater guidelines: E-A-T gets an extra E for Experience

Many creators are familiar with the concept of E-A-T, which is used in how we evaluate if our ...View More

December 2022 link spam update releasing for Google Search

Today, we're leveraging the power of SpamBrain to neutralize the impact of unnatural links on ...View More

Introducing the Google Search Status Dashboard

As we head into 2023, we want to introduce another tool for the public to understand the most ...View More

Visual Elements of Google Search

It can be challenging to find a certain search feature or UI element that you want to learn a ...View More

November Google SEO Office Hours

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for the November edition of the Google SEO office  ...View More

Introducing our new guide to Google Search ranking systems

Over the years, through blog posts and other public communications, Google has regularly shar ...View More

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