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What is negative SEO, and what can you do to protect yourself?

Reaching the top of the SERP requires hard work, time and effort, but it can become even harder if s ...View More

How to Create a Successful Link Building Strategy for SaaS

SaaS is a highly competitive field. To survive and thrive in this niche, traditional SEO and content ...View More

What is pagination and how to implement it properly

Pagination is the numbering of pages in ascending order. Website pagination comes in handy when you  ...View More

Why Customer Service Could Be Your Best Marketing Strategy

If you own a business, you probably know that marketing can make the difference between its success  ...View More

How long SEO takes to get results: a list of factors that speed up SEO growth

When planning a journey, you usually consider the length of the trip and its cost. Similarly, if you ...View More

SEO for Startups: what it is and how it works

Running a startup means dreaming big and working hard to create an awesome product even if nobody kn ...View More

What is SEO?

What does SEO stand for in marketing? SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means putting a  ...View More

SEO and HTTP Status Codes

One of the most important things you can assess on your website is what hypertext transfer protocol  ...View More

What anchor text is and what you should know about it

In the modern SEO landscape, backlinks are a hot commodity. Everyone knows that they are a crucial r ...View More

Why every website needs a favicon and how to get it right

The favicon is a small image that represents a website in web browsers. If you take a look at the ad ...View More

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