March 06, 2023  

Proactive security fixes in Yoast SEO (update to v20.2.1)

We take security seriously at Yoast and continually look for potential threats and vulnerabilities t ...View More

4 AI Controversies Marketers and Brands Should Avoid

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic, and a recent study shows over 61% of marketers have ...View More

How These 3 Content Creators Turned a Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Gig

Content creator is a job title that didn't exist a decade ago. Now, 50 million people consi ...View More

Which Social Media Metrics Are Marketers Tracking? [New Research]

Social media metrics are imperative to social strategy. They give you an inside look at you ...View More

How to use Instagram Collab Posts in your Social Media Strategy

Here's a quick rundown of Instagram Collab posts and why you should be using this feature in your so ...View More

How to Perform a Technical SEO Audit in 10 Steps

A technical SEO audit is an analysis of the technical aspects of a website. Learn how to conduct one ...View More

How to Build Your Website Architecture for SEO

Website architecture refers to the structure of websites. Learn best practices for organizing your s ...View More

Keyword Analysis for SEO: Deciding if (And How) to Target a Keyword

Here’s the process: Let’s go through the steps in more detail.   People usually rely on search  ...View More

E-E-A-T Is the New E-A-T. What the New “E” Means for SEO

  So according to Google, some types of content need to be produced with firsthand experience t ...View More

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